If you though getting ready for a business meeting is a hassle, then wait until you have to go for a meeting away from home to truly understand hassle!

Running back home, or dropping into your office to pick up something you missed before the meeting is definitely out of the option when your meeting is away from home. So you need to be absolutely sure about the things you take with you for your “away-from-home-meeting”.

If you have a meeting as such lined up for the near future, and if you have no clue on how to pack smartly, efficiently and with minimum luggage, then let us help you out!

Be tech savvy.

It’s the time of AI you all! Time to get tech savvy.

It might be hard to make sure that you carry all your documents related to the meeting when you leave home. Opt for private cloud services in Sydney to reduce the stress of “have I taken it all?”

By using private cloud services, not only are you complete sure that your data is accessible anywhere, you are also reducing your luggage space by not lugging around your “space eating” laptop. Besides that, it’s a good idea to install apps that will help you out in your meeting, into your smart phone. Slide shows can be a breeze with the right apps, and you don’t even need your laptop for that. Make sure to carry extra batteries for your journey if you plan on relying heavily on your smart phone.

Be smart with your clothes.

Everyone in the business world knows how important it is to wear the right clothes when trying to make a good impression, especially in the first meeting. If you plan on staying for a week, then it’s important that you plan the outfits of the whole week before hand. Try to work with a color theme, so that you can use the same pair of shoes for most, if not all outfits. This too reduces the extra luggage space that your second pair of shoes will take. You can also try to manage with 2 pairs of pants (or skirts) that could be paired with several shirts or tops.

If you have to take jewelry, then make sure they too are neutral, and can be worn with several outfits. Make sure to carry your clothes in a suit case, or a squash free luggage. This way you can make sure the clothes you take need not be pressed again before your meeting. This comes in handy especially if your meeting is right after you arrive.

Makeup and toiletries.

Some women definitely feel a little more confident with makeup on. In this case, make sure that you pack your makeup resourcefully. If you have a color theme planned for the week, then take only the kind of makeup that will suit that. Anything more or extra can be bought at your destination if the need arises. Packing warm, earthy colored makeup is also a smart idea. Travel size makeup removing wipes too are a good idea, so that you can freshen up fast in the airport itself if you have to go directly to the meeting.

In the case of toiletries too, pack only that which is absolutely necessary, and that which you’re completely sure you can’t buy at your destination.

Being organized is the key to packing smartly and efficiently, so try to organize…!